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What We Offer

Using social, cognitive, and neuroscience to boost the success of political candidates, campaigns, and causes

Customized Trainings, Strategies, and Tools

Campaign Science is a set of twelve interlocking modules that were developed by a team of over 25 leading cognitive, social and neuroscientists, engineers and designers, media and communication experts, and masters of presence and mindfulness. Our team of internationally recognized trainers and advisors delivers Campaign Science in a mix-and-match set of fast, energizing and powerfully transforming, trainings, strategies and tools customized for your candidate, campaign staff, and cause-driven organization and movement.

Our Services



Our executive storytellers bring you the skills and strategies necessary to start driving the public conversation. Our sense of urgency dictates that we get you on the ground, implementing these new skills independently as soon as possible.


Participants leave with renewed commitment, a host of evidence-based strategies, and a revived sense of purpose and power. Organizations benefit from an infusion of whip-smart science and practices for embodying a new way of making change.


Short, succinct workshop that inspires your staff and volunteers.


A half-day program with a mixture of excercises and lectures.


Dig into the concepts with this 2-day training.


Consulting & Coaching

One-on-one coaching and consulting services to train key stakeholders.

Online Programs

We offer the latest in technology-supported training including mobile and desktop online and virtual conferencing, webinars, and materials.


In this training you will receive social, cognitive, and neuroscience-based tools to:

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