My purpose is to shift people's perspectives so they can see new possibilities and be kinder to themselves, others, and the planet.  I work to stretch people's worldviews, infuse their lives with a sense of awe and wonder, and help them apply their new expanded perspectives to do good in the world.


Cassandra’s consulting team, LuminosityWorks, helps individuals and organizations plan and implement:

  • scientific research
  • program evaluation
  • project management
  • strategic planning
  • powerful messaging
  • fundraising strategies

We work with research institutes, nonprofit organizations, and change-making endeavors. We specialize in making complex messages compelling, and using social, cognitive and neuroscience-based approaches to maximize impact.

Campaign Science's methodology boosts the effectiveness of progressive causes, campaigns, and candidates.  Cassandra Vieten developed it with a team of 25 leading cognitive, social and neuroscientists, engineers, designers, media and communication experts, and masters of presence and mindfulness.  Our team of internationally recognized trainers and advisors delivers Campaign Science in a set of fast, energizing and powerful trainings, strategies and tools customized for candidates, campaigns, and cause-driven organizations and movements.


The Ecosystem of Change - creating an intersecting set of conditions (narratives, tools and practices, contexts and communities) that support transformations in worldviews, behaviors, and ways of being.


Cassandra has been speaking, leading groups, and facilitating workshops for over 20 years. She has given hundreds of lectures, talks, and presentations at international scientific, scholarly, and popular conferences, including two TEDx talks, at the American Psychological and American Psychiatric Association annual conventions, the Society for Experimental and Social Psychology, Nexus Global Youth Summit at the United Nations, the Esalen Institute, and many others. Her audiences consistently are wowed, saying she is clear and precise, heartfelt and inspirational, humorous and engaging, and mind-expanding.

Upcoming Events

Join Cassandra for one of these upcoming talks, workshops, or special events. Contact her directly to inquire about booking for speaking engagements.

Books & Publications

Dr. Vieten has authored three books, dozens of peer-reviewed scientific publications in academic journals, and several chapters and popular articles.