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We use social, cognitive and neuroscience-based approaches to make complex messages compelling and maximize impact. 

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Cassandra’s consulting team, LuminosityWorks, offers consulting for research institutes, nonprofit organizations/NGOs, mind-body health and research centers, and change-making endeavors and campaigns, including:

  • scientific research
  • program evaluation
  • project management
  • strategic planning
  • powerful messaging
  • fundraising strategies

Ready for a fresh approach? New social, cognitive and brain science tell us some surprising things about how to inspire, motivate, and win hearts and minds. Traditional awareness-raising and motivational tactics have limited effectiveness in today's world. We use our novel ecosystem of change model to design and implement powerful and engaging approaches to individual and social change. We focus on creating the proven conditions for transformation by introducing new narratives, powerful tools and practices, and supportive contexts and communities that generate solutions and sustain commitment.

We work with research institutes, nonprofit organizations, and change-making endeavors. We specialize in making complex messages compelling, and using social, cognitive and neuroscience-based approaches to maximize impact.


The Ecosystem of Change - creating an intersecting set of conditions (narratives, tools and practices, contexts and communities) that support transformations in worldviews, behaviors, and ways of being.

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Campaign Science

Campaign Science offers a comprehensive, accessible, engaging, enjoyable, and empowering science-based training program for porogressive candidates, campaigns, and causes.

A team of over 25 leading political, cognitive, social, behavioral, and neuroscientists, linguists, Emmy award-winning media and storytelling experts, and masters in on-the-ground conflict resolution, have contributed to this training. In one-hour, half-day, full-day, and online trainings, customized consulting, and ongoing coaching, Campaign Science delivers science-based concepts, skills, and ways of being that are shown in laboratory and real-world settings to change minds, and overcome barriers, and elicit action.

Bring a fresh, science-driven, heart-centered approach to your next project or campaign.

Learn new ways to demonstrate your impact. Align your strategies and messages with your orienting principles, and infuse them with new life. Contact our team using the form below to inquire about consulting services for your organization or campaign.