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Whether you are in transition, need to re-boot your life, or want tools to boost the amazing journey you are on, this workshop brings together science and wisdom practices for cultivating inner balance, navigating change, neutralizing stress, and boosting aliveness.

Join two uniquely qualified experts in the science of resilience, aging well, and thriving in modern times. Elissa Epel brings insights from her pioneering research on how meditation, stress reduction, and healthy living can affect cell aging. Cassandra Vieten weaves together findings from multiple lines of research on how we change, and why we don’t, and how we can create the conditions in our lives that foster positive, profound, and lasting transformations in our worldviews and behaviors.

With experiential embodied exercises, mindfulness practices and transformative inquiry, you’ll be shown science-based practices to promote alignment with your short and long-term goals and higher purpose — in your thinking patterns, ways of being, and relationship to yourself, others, and the world. You will return home with the tools to reveal and maintain your truest, healthiest self.

Offered as 3 satsangs and 5 workshops (subject to change)