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Groundbreaking physicist David Bohm and Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti engaged in a 25-year-long series of far-reaching dialogues. Bohm actually considered leaving physics to devote himself entirely to studying with Krishnamurti. They delved into the nature of space and time, and of the universal. The influence of their dialogues reverberates to this day.

Join us for a special, free, online event August 29: “Krishnamurti, Bohm and the Edge of Transcendence.” The new documentary INFINITE POTENTIAL: The Life & Ideas of David Bohm, which is available free for a limited time, screens. Q&A follows with filmmaker Paul Howard and special guests author David Moody, clinical psychologist & mind-body medicine researcher Cassandra Vieten, President, International Theosophy Society, Tim Boyd. Moderated by Sandra deCastro Buffington.   Film at 12 pm PT, dialogue at 1:15 pm PT.Reserve your free spot here